1 Month to Go!!

We’re officially 1 month from election day. With 30 days to go there’s alot happening.

With the snow finally (!!!!!!!!) melted, yard signs are here and ready to go. If you are willing to host one in your yard, please fill out this form.

I also have Send-to-a-Friend postcards. This is a great way for you to share your support with your friends and neighbors. Fill out this form and I’ll drop some by your home.

I was interviewed for an article that is up on Patch.com. They ask each candidate the same questions and then publish the responses. It’s a great way to see where I stand and where all the candidates stand. Click here to read the interview.

I’m also working on my responses to a questionnaire from the League of Women Voters. Check back soon for that link.

Spring is really here everyone! Before you know it we’ll all be wearing short….on our Zoom calls! Thanks to everyone for this support so far. I really appreciate you all!!!!