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My name is Sari Montgomery and I’m running for re-election to the Deerfield Public Schools District 109 School Board. I believe the Board has an important role to play in delivering the best education for the children in our community while ensuring that we are making the most efficient and effective use of our tax dollars. I am proud to have earned the endorsement of the DPS109 Caucus for the third time, and am asking for your support to serve for another term.

Four of the seven Board seats are open in this election cycle. Of the eight candidates running, only two have previously served on the Board. Of the two who are running for re-election, I’m the only candidate who has served more than 2 years. I believe that now more than ever, experience counts. There are serious issues we will face as we come out of the pandemic. I have eight years of Board experience and am well-versed in every aspect of our District’s operations. I have also been directly involved in the District’s response to the pandemic. That experience and training will serve the school district, and our children, well during this critical time as we welcome new Board members and transition to our new superintendent. Please help me continue our important work.

Be sure to check out the information on this site about my views on the important issues we face, how and where to vote in the election, and a bio of my background. You can also watch my interviews with the DPS 109 Caucus, where I was asked in-depth questions about my views on a wide range of topics. Thank you for your time and your support!

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